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New customers, your signature will start service and gives your agreement to the terms on the front and back. Service will continue from year to year or until cancellation is received. A new signature is not required for continued service

Lawn Care

YOUR FERTILIZER AND WEED CONTROL PROGRAM consists of five applications:

¦ SPRING - Fertilizers, Weed Control, Pre-Emergents ¦ EARLY SUMMER -Fertilizers, Weed Control, Pre-Emergents ¦ SUMMER- Fertilizers, Weed control, Grub Control ¦ LATE FALL- This will be your heaviest feeding of the year

Additional Lawn Services 

Tree and Shrub

Tree & Shrub feeding - Balanced fertilizer and iron blend is applied under pressure to the root zone of the plant. It develops health and beauty in your landscape.

Disease Control - To control leaf fungus. We apply a fungicide & insecticide for this disease control.

Insect Control - To stop damaging insects which could hurt your landscape at an important time in its growing season.

Dormant Oil - This application will control winter burn, & over wintering insects

(1) Contract Period. Service will continue from year to year unless canceled under the terms of this agreement. For Lawn Care and Tree & Shrub Care, we generally service from March through November annually (or longer if leaves persist) for Snow Removal, we generally service from November through April.

(2) Billing and Charges. We generally will provide invoices on a monthly basis for amounts due and owing.

(3) Spring/Fall Clean-Up. During the months of March and April, we will provide a Spring Clean-Up at the hourly rate of $40.00 per hour on all Lawn Care contracts. This is normally completed by April 20th. Spring Clean-Up includes, but is not limited to: cleaning out plant beds, raking matted grass, removal of debris from property, amend soil in flower beds, selective pruning where needed, reestablishing tree rings and bed lines, application of preemergent to plant beds, fertilization and crab grass pre-emergent on lawn. Spring Clean-Up work may be completed on a weekly basis or during a one time visit, as needed. Weather permitting, mowing will be performed as needed, and will be based on an hourly rate of $40 per person hour.

(4) Mowing. Every effort will be made to ensure the mowing of all law areas will be conducted at regular intervals, usually once per week; however, in the hot summer months, there may be times when the grass should not be cut. If the grass should not be cut, other work will be performed. Please note, however, that there are no credits issued if the grass is not cut. We attempt to ensure the grass is maintained at a height of approximately 2.5 inches and never exceeds a height of more than 4 inches. We will alternate the mowing pattern whenever possible and all grass not accessible by mowers will be trimmed with line trimmer type equipment. As a courtesy to our customers, before the grass is cut, debris will be removed from grassy and paved areas. After cutting, clippings will be blown from all paved surfaces adjacent to grassy areas with a power blower. All clippings that are left on the lawn may be removed upon the request of the customer, per an additional charge.

(5) Power Edging. All sidewalks will also be edged once per month or as needed to ensure proper cut. We will utilize line trimmers when areas are not accessible by mowers.

(6) Additional Services. We are available to conduct additional work for our clients at an additional fee of $40.00 per person, per hour. At our discretion, we may require an additional contract to be signed by the Property owner and Responsible Party upon the request of additional services. Please be aware that our employees are not permitted to diverge from the terms of this contract or perform any additional work other than what is assigned to them by our office.

(7) Cancellation. Either party may cancel this agreement for any reason by providing a thirty (30) day written notice to the other party via certified mail or personal service. All amounts due and owing shall accompany said cancelation notice. Said notice shall be deemed effective thirty (30) days after receipt, at which time all services shall cease.

(8) Billing and Charges. Invoices will be sent to all customers on a monthly basis, or after the completion of additional work. Payment is due within 15 days of the date of the invoice. If payment is not received within 15 days of the date of the invoice, then a service charge shall be applied to all past due balances. This represents an annual rate of nine percent (9%). Due to increased overhead, from time to time, service fees may increase only after 30 days written notice is mailed to the client, Property Owner and Responsible Party jointly and severally agree to pay all reasonable costs, legal fees, collection costs, and associated expenses that may be incurred by Jerry’s Lawn and Tree Care as a result of having to enforce the terms and conditions of this Agreement or collect any funds owed by the Property Owner and/or Responsible Party.

(9) New customers your signature will commence service and gives your agreement to terms on the front and back. Service will continue from year to year unless canceled under terms of this agreement. This is an agreement between Property Owner and Responsible Party and Jerry’s Lawn and Tree Care for lawn care, tree and shrub care, and snow removal (unless service item is stricken and initialed by the parties). By signing this document, both parties agree to all the terms and conditions of this agreement which constitute the entire agreement between the parties. All provisions and this agreement are to be construed under the laws of the State of Illinois. By your signature, you acknowledge that you are the owner of the property and the guarantor of this agreement under which services will be provided. Both parties agree to this Agreement, and all terms and obligations. You have read and agreed to this entire two page Agreement with all attachments hereto. The various sections of this agreement will be severable from another with mutual consent of all parties. The invalidity of one or more particular sections will not affect the validity of the remaining sections of the agreement.

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